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High Voltage Static Var Generator

High Voltage Static Var Generator

Sinopak Static var generator is a chain-type static synchronous compensator (STATCOM/DSTATCOM, also knows as SVG) —active dynamic reactive and harmonic compensation device at different compensation

High Voltage Static Var Generator

SVG is a chain-type static synchronous compensator (STATCOM/DSTATCOM, also knows as SVG) — active dynamic reactive and harmonic compensation device at different compensation ranges.

SVG,different from impedance compensation (injecting or absorbing reactive power by capacitor and reactor) theory of traditional SVC, is based on voltage source converter, whose theory is equivalent to static synchronous condenser but whose performance is better than that of condenser and SVC. Especially, its operation range is wide, and its reactive compensation under low voltage is far greater than that of SVC.

Indoor Application

3~11kV Indoor Air cooled Product

35kV Indoor Air Cooled Product





3~11kV Indoor Water Cooled SVG 



35kV Indoor Water Cooled SVG





Outdoor Application


3~11kV Outdoor Air Cooled SVG










35kV Outdoor Air Cooled STATCOM









3~35kV Outdoor Water Cooled SVG







Technical Parameters

System Parameters

Rated voltage


Input voltage range


 Grid frequency


Rated capacity

±1Mvar ~ ±120Mvar

Full load power loss


Total harmonic current distortion

≤3%, meeting  GB/T14549-1993

Total PCC harmonic voltage  distortion

≤3%, meeting GB/T14549-1993

Response time


Overload capacity

1.1 times over-load, long time operation; 1.2times over-load for 1minute, trip

Fault treatment

Redundancy design meeting automatic N-1 operation

Operation  mode

Constant reactive power mode, constant voltage mode, constant power factor mode, load compensation mode, Voltage& Reactive power integrated control mode

Communication protocal

Modbus, IEC104

Monitoring mode

Local/remote control


LCD touch screen in English

   Signal transmission

Optical-fiber communication

Key technology

Instantaneous reactive power theory, SPWM theory, decoupling control technology, capacitor voltage balance control technology, three-phase independent control technology, single pole multiple frequency technology, carrier phase-shifting SPWM theory, chain link temperature real-time monitoring technology

Power interface

380VAC, 220VDCdual circuits dual redundancy power supply

Main protection function

Over-current, Over-voltage, drive fault, Power unit over voltage, over-current, over-temperature, communication faults etc.  water-cooling failure

Wiring method

Star connection or Delta connection

Cooling method

Air cooling, water cooling

Protection class

 Indoor IP30

 Container: IP54

Installation method



Service  life


Operation environment


Ambient temperature


Storage environment temperature



2000m(To be customized in case of > 2000m

Relative humidity

≤90%, no condensation

Pollution grade

Class  IV

Executive standard

DL/T 1215.1-2013,GB/T  14549-1993,GB/T 17626.2-2006,GB/T 17626.3-2006,GB/T 17626.4-2008,GB/T 17626.5-2008,GB/T 17626.11-2008


Our Advantage


1. Most effective high voltage active harmonic equipment in the industry
Sinopak TSVG successfully realize high voltage active harmonic filtering function from 3kV~35kV according to many years experiences. It can eliminate harmonics from 2nd to 13th completely. Compared with traditional SVC, SVG adopted active components. TSVG is not only used for dynamic reactive power compensation equipment, but also used for high voltage active harmonic filtering equipment directly.

Sinopak TSVG adopts cascade topology, with lower output harmonic content and very good filtering effect.

2. High Quality Power Units Design for moisture-proof and dust-proof.






Fully closed design of power unit control panel ensures operation stability in humid, windy and dusty environment, Control drive board on power unit adopts silicone material with good performance for potting. The silicone can stay resilient and stable within -55°C~+180°C, and has better thermal conductivity and insulativity, ensuring stable operation of SVG in salt-spray environment.





3. Control Cabinet Design Advantage

Fully closed design of control cabinet ensures use reliability in sand-dust or humid environment.




Fully closed design of control cabinet prevents external dust or soot from entering control cabinet. After being closed, it needs to receive heat dissipation; to ensure nternal temperature within a reasonable range, upper and lower parts of control cabinet interior are respectively equipped with one fan for up-down and right-left circular flow of air in it so as to decrease the temperature.

Whole control system components are comprehensively screened, with low power consumption and high reliability, to improve whole system stability. Thermal simulation of FlOWTHREM software is used to control 67°C average internal temperature when external ambient temperature is 45°C so as to meet component temperature in service environment. It fundamentally solve dust prevention and pollution prevention problems.


Service Advantage

Power Module Tester

SVG mainly consists of many power modules, in order to help customers find module fault in time, Sinopak designed power Module tester, it is very easy and very fast to find the module faults.
By the way, Sinopak also install GPS module in SVG control room in order to help customer analyze SVG faults.